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    Address:Room 15, building 1506, SW development building, 1088 Wuding Road, Shanghai, Jingan District
    Tel: +86-158-6002-6480
    Website: http://www.shanyemetal.com
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    Hong Kong Yinchen International Trade Co., Ltd.is a highly professional and dynamic company with experience in Liquid Mercury. We are engaged in providing Virgin Liquid Mercury to cater the requirements of our customer on regular basis.
    Our able services in meeting the demands of the metal and chemicals industry have been appreciated by our clients in domestic as well as International markets. It is because of our high quality standards and strenuous efforts to maintain amicable relations with our clients; we have been able to create a niche for ourselves. We are backed by an experienced and highly motivated workforce with ample experience in the non-ferrous metal, metal salts and chemical industry. We are team of professionals who independently look after their respective territories of Marketing, Production, Logistics and Customer service. We impart training to our employees to understand the latest requirements and happenings in our industry. Our senior management educates our workforce on regular basis with their in-depth knowledge and equips our personnel with a holistic view of the industry they serve.
      Customer Satisfaction
    Our huge success depends on our ability to understand the needs of customer and deliver accordingly. We believe in complete customer satisfaction through our continuous efforts in maintaining our reputation as a trusted manufacturer as well as service provider. Our amicable relations with the customers help us to work in close coordination with them, which further facilitates meeting their specific needs.
    We maintain the International packing standards. We take immense care in packing and handling our products in order to avoid damages during transit. We have trained workers to handle hazardous and high value products. Our packaging department ensures that each package is delivered to our customer without any hassles.
      Warehousing and Delivery
    We have warehouses in China to store volumes of material. Our warehouses are well equipped to store hazardous, non-hazardous and high value cargo. All our warehouses are located in transporting hub area and are well connected which help quick movement and prompt delivery of cargo to our customer.
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