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    Exporters of Liquid Silver Mercury 
    We are one of the leading suppliers of Silver Liquid mercury. We continuously strive to meet all our customer’s requirements, expand our geographical coverage and reinforce our position as a market leader. Our main customers are mining companies and medical laboratories.
    Our mercury is triple distilled. It is commonly used in gold amalgamation. Mercury (also quicksilver) is considered dangerous by skin absorption and inhalation of fumes. Mercury spills need to be cleaned up immediately. Small mercury spills can be treated with powder sulfur.
    METAL:             Silver Mercury
    SYMBOL:          Hg
    ORIGIN :           South Africa
    PACKING :        34.5 kg/ Metallic Flask (30 Flasks per pallet)
    STATE:               Liquid
    Color :               Silver
    Odor:                 Odorless
    Density:            13.5 grams per cc
    Boiling Point:   674.11 F (356.73 C)
    Melting Point:  -37.8 F (_38 C)
    Solubility:         Insoluble
    Our mercury is 99.9 pure, quality is guaranteed based on our strict production standards, there are tests in each step, and also we have a final inspection before leaving the factory, clients can ask any third party to test before shipment. Actual chemical analysis shows that the purity of our distilled virgin mercury is at least 99.999%.
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    email: zxyets@gmail.com
    phone :+ 86-158-6002-6480

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